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General Characteristics

Onduvilla corrugated tiles are small elements of size 104cm*40cm size and these give the roof a pleasant look that gives the look of clay tiles with the advantage of extreme lightness. Onduvilla tiles have a unique colouring system, wherein each tile is different from others thereby resulting in a natural texture.

Onduvilla tiles offer the following benefits:
• Excellent texture due to three tone painting system
• Easy to install due to unique overlap system
• High insulation and sound absorbency values
• Resistant to corrosion-does not rust, rot or become brittle
• Light weight
• Waterproof
• Excellent ventillation

Onduvilla Accessories:
Ridges- Onduvilla Ridges are manufactured from the same material as Onduvilla Tiles and are available in all the colours as the tiles. The ridge dimension is 90cm*50cm Valleys-Onduvilla valleys are also made from the same material as the tiles.
Safe top screw- The self top screws are manufactured from high quality steel and are zinc coated to prevent any corrosion. The safe tops come with a cap that ensures perfect water tightness. The caps are also UV treated to prevent any damage from being exposed to sunlight. They are available in all colours as the tiles.

Onduvilla tile is a flexible material that can be easily installed on various surfaces including Steel Truss work, wooden structures and on concrete. The minimum recommended slope for fixing the sheets directly on the roof is 10 degrees. In case the slope is lower than this value, we recommend a full decking on the roof.

Ondulivilla Tiles are available in a standard size of 1.06m*0.40m (width*length). The detailed specifications are as follows

The Net area available after overlaps per tile would be 0.31m2

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