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Tender Specifications of Self Drilling Screws RX Self Drilling Screws Drill their own hole and taps the thread and hold the metal roof to the Secondary membrane. The Screws provide high pullout strength, shear strength & maximum thread engagement and positive fastening in structural steel.
Self Drilling Screws Meeting the Australian & International Standard AS3566 Class (March 2002) which details as follows:

  • Salt Spray Test Certificates (ASTM B117) for 800 Hrs.
  • 15 Cycles of Kesternich Test in accordance to DIN 50018.
    (Condensing the atmosphere containing Sulphur dioxide at level SFW 2.05.)
  • Relative Humidity in accordance with ASTM
    D2247 for 1000 Hours.
  • Test Cycle of 4 Hours of Ultra Violet Radiation as per ASTM G154 for 2000 Hrs.
A. For Crest Fixing (Roof Fixing)
- 12G 24 TPI x 65mm Hot Rolled Screws
- 12G 14 TPI x 55/60mm Self Drilling Screws.
B. For Valley Fixing (Cladding Fixing)
- 12G 24 TPI x 32mm Hot Rolled Screws
- 12G 14 TPI x 25/30mm Self Drilling Screws.

C. For Stitching the Overlapping Sheets.
- 10G 16TPI x 16/20mm Needle Point
Screws with EPDM Washers.

These screws are imported only from ISO certified companies across countries like Australia and in South East Asia. Our application specialists provide ready technical support in helping you pick up the right product. Our Range of Products for Fixing Metal Roofs, Cladding & Decking includes Screws Solutions which can dramatically speed up the installation, improve building integrity and ensure performance under demanding Conditions.

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